Balanced Training for Dogs or a Poisoned Cue?

Balanced training for dogs: is just a little punishment helpful? “Balanced training” seems to be a popular approach to dog training. Those who don’t understand behavior science think it’s a good approach, but it has zero support from science. A little scrutiny of balanced training for dogs reveals severe conflict between it and best training […]

Multi-Dog Households: Make them work

It’s all about the relationships The most enjoyable multi-dog households are the ones in which there is a rich individual relationship between each human and each dog in the home. Create these relationships through private time with each dog. Pleasant walks, fun training sessions, the dog’s favorite games, quiet time sharing affection, and other pleasant […]

B. F. Skinner on How To Teach Animals

Teaching, it is often said, is an art, but we have increasing reason to hope that it may eventually become a science. We have already discovered enough about the nature of learning to devise training techniques which are much more rapid and give more reliable results than the rule-of-thumb methods of the past. Tested on […]

How To Teach A Dog Not To Jump Up On People

Teach your dog to sit to greet people: It’s WAY better than jumping up! What’s wrong with dogs jumping up on people? Dogs that jump on people are annoying at best. At worst, jumping up can be dangerous for older folks and small children. Sometimes it’s hard to see how this behavior benefits the dog. […]

House Training Your Dog

House training a new dog or puppy can seem intense. But if you put in the time at the beginning, right from the start, the rest of your dog’s life will be smooth sailing! How to house-train your dog: Reward him when he eliminates outside – you can even specify the spot! Make sure he […]