Leash Skills Series #2: Defining Leash Walking

Toby, observing the world and collecting his thoughts

Dogs learn best through positive reinforcement Behavior science has documented that dogs learn best through positive reinforcement. Use positive reinforcement to teach leash walking skills. The result will be a dog who curiously tries to do what will get him rewards. He’ll readily pay attention to you – the human at the end of the […]

Leash Skills Series #1: Walking a dog

What’s your vision of walking a dog? One joyous vision of having a dog is going for long walks in the beauty of the outdoors with a beloved canine companion, enjoying the sights and smells of the world, and becoming more closely bonded as partners.  This can occur only if both human and dog have […]

Leash Skills Series #8: Positive Reinforcement for Humans

Positive reinforcement works for all species Humans learn from positive reinforcement just as well as dogs do. Reinforcers for you might be the joy of a happy dog, a pleasant walk, and maybe pride in the wonderful partnership you’re building. Professional or self-help? Hiring a qualified trainer to teach you is helpful. Since training people […]

Science and Animal Training Series #4: Science-based Dog Training Matters

The big picture of dog training There’s a big picture of dog training, and it involves how we treat animals and humans.  Positive reinforcement can help us get others to respond in ways we like.  It requires us to observe our own behavior and choose what we do so we can get the responses we […]