Leash Skills Series #5: Why a Loose Leash?

Are you walking a dog or flying a kite? What guides your dog when the two of you are walking? Is it the leash itself? Or on the other hand, does your dog watch you to see where you go, with a loose leash between you? Some dogs and owners use a tight leash as […]

Leash Skills Series #4: Starting Leash Training

Make a plan to start leash training Stand in the living room with your treat bag on and a leash in your hand. Decide which side you want your dog to walk on, and make your commitment to sticking to the rules you’re creating for your leash walks.  Do this while your dog is occupied […]

Leash Skills Series #3: Leash Training Teamwork

Both the human and the dog need leash training skills for walks to be enjoyable. Train the necessary skills by breaking them down into simple, specific behaviors. Make your daily walks fun for both of you! Dog Leash Skills A dog should love his collar, harness, and leash If the equipment itself causes a dog […]