Easy Riders: Car Rides can be Fun

If your dog is less than thrilled about riding in the car, this one’s for you! Behavior is never stagnant.  It is heading in some direction.  Closely observe your dog and the behaviors he is showing you. Which Car Riding Dog is Yours? * Your dog’s behavior may not match any of these scenarios exactly! […]

Many Dog Breeds, Many Dog Temperaments

Temperament? Personality? What are they? Are they forever? A dog’s temperament can be considered his personality or disposition, who he is, what he likes or dislikes, how he tends to respond to things, and what kind of companion he is to humans or other animals.  But temperaments are not set in stone; they’re affected by […]

Doorway Treats: No Running Out the Door!

Pets running out the door: Dangerous, Annoying, and Stressful! Pets happily waiting inside until they are invited to go out (IF they are invited!): Priceless. When you want to “stop” a behavior, simply envision the opposite behavior that your pet could do instead.  Teach this alternate behavior to “replace” the behavior you don’t want.  In […]

Humility in Animal Training: Bridging the Communication Gap

“The animal shall not be measured by man.  In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.  They are not brethren; they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with […]

Magical Dogs in My Life

Like many people, a few dogs in my life have taught, amazed, and inspired me. I have loved all of my own dogs and many dogs who were not mine, but these four stand out as special gifts. The approach of the holiday season seems like a good time to share their stories. CINDY My […]

A New Dog Changes Everything!

Expectations Daisy the dog has come to stay with us for a while!  Daisy is family, so we already knew her.  She and my dog Albert have visited each other’s homes several times, and played together well.  At both homes, they have successfully worked through small problems like one wanting to play when the other […]


We all want our dogs and cats to enjoy the excitement and joy of Halloween with us!  But can they?  Yes, if we set things up so that they can enjoy our celebrations in their own way. Halloween is frightful This month, Halloween commands a lot of attention.  How does your dog respond to all […]

Prioritizing Behavior and Training:

A Path to Pet Well-Being Behavior and training are priorities for me, especially where the experiences of my own pets are concerned.  Every experience results in learning and therefore influences an animal’s behavior choices in future situations.  A Trip to the Vet At the vet’s office recently, while waiting in the exam room for the […]

“Backwards” Recall Game

Perfect for Hot Days! Good training comes in very small pieces.  Sometimes, a training exercise seems “backwards” in that you reinforce (reward) the opposite of the behavior you want.  But there’s a reason for the “backward” nature of training exercises like this. Voluntary Behaviors are the Best It’s great when dogs do what you ask; […]

Understanding Your Dog

Navigating the Umwelt of Canine Communication and Behavior As the owner and user of a human body, you are empowered when you know how that machine works.  If you have kids, you have the responsibility to understand how the newer models function; it helps you help them.  As a dog parent, understanding how dogs work […]