What it’s Like to Adopt a Rescue Dog

“Lucy! You’ve Got Some Training to Do!” My husband’s mom adopted Lucy, the Shih-Tzu, about a month ago. Lucy tugged on Nedah’s heartstrings and motivated her to use her brain power to make sure Lucy’s new life would be wonderful. I interviewed Nedah so she could share her experience with adopting an adult rescue dog […]

Baby Gate Training

What would it take for your dog to escape your backyard fence? How about a baby gate? It’s not the physical barrier that’s keeping him in. What keeps him in is his choice to stay where you put him, rather than conquer that barrier to gain access to the wonderful world beyond. Why do dogs […]

What Are Your Training Goals?

While driving the other day, I was thinking about animal behavior, pets, and my students. I turned on the recording app on my phone to help me remember my ideas, and the result is a vlog post! I hope you enjoy watching and listening, and I hope it causes you to reflect on the fulfillment […]

Paw Target: A Fun Behavior for Everyone

Your pet gets to exercise his or her brain.  In the process, you can develop a simple paw target into a useful behavior and/or a parlor trick! Positive Reinforcement Builds the Paw Target Behavior Use the mantra, “Reinforce the behavior you want.” Practicing your positive reinforcement skills helps make this is a good training exercise […]

Training Methods in a Magazine Article

My sister read an article about the inspiration that can come from having a dog.  Then she asked me some questions about training methods that came up for her while reading.  Even though I’m about to pick apart one aspect of the article, it’s a good story about a guy and his dog and well […]

Teach Your Dog to Wear A Cone!

Since it’s April Fool’s Day, let’s fool your dog by playing pretend games to prepare for real experiences!  You never know when your dog will be asked to wear a cone to prevent licking a wound or surgery incision, or to allow a skin problem to heal.  It’s only fair to help him learn to […]

Cognitive Dissonance: Who Do You Want to Be?

This is a long one! But there’s so much to unpack concerning cognitive dissonance and who we want to be for our animals. Positive Training on TV? People don’t always use positive methods to interact with animals on TV or in real life. There have certainly been wonderful animal-centered shows that inspired and amazed viewers.  […]

Easy Riders: Car Rides can be Fun

If your dog is less than thrilled about riding in the car, this one’s for you! Behavior is never stagnant.  It is heading in some direction.  Closely observe your dog and the behaviors he is showing you. Which Car Riding Dog is Yours? * Your dog’s behavior may not match any of these scenarios exactly! […]

Many Dog Breeds, Many Dog Temperaments

Temperament? Personality? What are they? Are they forever? A dog’s temperament can be considered his personality or disposition, who he is, what he likes or dislikes, how he tends to respond to things, and what kind of companion he is to humans or other animals.  But temperaments are not set in stone; they’re affected by […]

Doorway Treats: No Running Out the Door!

Pets running out the door: Dangerous, Annoying, and Stressful! Pets happily waiting inside until they are invited to go out (IF they are invited!): Priceless. When you want to “stop” a behavior, simply envision the opposite behavior that your pet could do instead.  Teach this alternate behavior to “replace” the behavior you don’t want.  In […]