Chicken Training

What comes to mind when you think of chickens? Eggs?  A pastoral farm?  You probably don’t immediately think of a trained chicken running an agility course or retrieving.  However, there is an elite group of animal trainers in the world who learned from Bob and Marian Bailey through chicken training to use behavior science with […]

Using Treats for Training

Consequences Dogs learn in 2 ways.  One is by the consequences of their behavior choices – their actions.  People sometimes think “consequences” are bad things, but the definition is “results or effects of actions or conditions.”  This makes operant conditioning seem like a very simple process!  Positive reinforcement training means providing positive consequences (good things) […]

Dog Training: Simple But Not Easy

Immediate Dog Training “Fixes” The world seems very “market-y” these days.  I see more and more ads proclaiming quick fixes and miraculous cures for problems in my own field, dog behavior.  “Just do this and your dog’s behavior will immediately change,” many advertisements state. Some marketing experts advise me to announce that I can solve whatever […]

Problems Between Dogs:

Does time heal all wounds? Physical wounds affect the body:  cuts, bruises, broken bones, damage to internal organs.  Behavior can be “wounded” also.  As we’ve discussed here before, every experience a dog has affects his next experience.  Fears can be created and developed.  Stressful events can create anxieties that can generalize to other parts of […]

What Cue is Your Dog Responding To?

A recent student was practicing loose-leash-walking with her dog near a mat on the floor.  When the team came within about 2 feet of the mat, the dog headed over to it to lie down.  The leash was a cue to walk with her owner, but in the presence of the mat, the mat was […]

Traveling with Cats

WHAT?  Sure!  Why not?   As long as you and your cat are prepared with the skills you need to succeed, there’s no reason a cat can’t accompany you on a road trip. I interviewed Angie and Alex about their recent road trip with Gladys, their 4-month-old kitten.  They are seasoned cat parents so had some […]

Road Trips with Dogs

Summer Vacation Road Trip! Road trips with dogs can be delightful if you’re prepared. We drove through several states, sleeping in hotels in some of them, to reach North Carolina where I spoke at a national conference for animal shelters.  We had fun, shared behavior science with people who need it, and practiced a variety […]

Dog Senses: The World According to Dogs

Dogs smell things in vibrant detail compared with humans. Humans can smell dinner cooking but dogs can tell exactly what all the ingredients are. What about other dog senses? How do dogs compare with humans? Dog Senses: Auditory and More Let’s start with hearing, and another way animals detect sounds.  Dogs hear high-frequency sounds very […]

Your Dog Could be Much Happier

Cassandra Seale consulted me before writing this article about how your dog could be happier. I provided a few tips about how to set up a dog’s life to ensure he or she gets everything necessary for a happy life. Dogs need food, water, and shelter for survival, but they need a few additional […]

Pet Over-population: A New Way to Help

You have already spayed/neutered your pets or if they are still intact, you manage them so they don’t produce unplanned litters. You hear all the pleas from the rescues and shelters begging everyone to adopt more pets, but you rely on your boundaries and the plans you’ve made to be sure you can provide properly […]