Live the life of your dreams with your own Mannerly Dog!

This is NOT your ordinary Basic Manners Class. Watch this video to see just a few of our students practicing their homework!

Frustrated with trying to train your dog on your own? Does your dog’s behavior bring you stress instead of joy? Do you want what’s best for your dog?

Gentle, science-based positive reinforcement training will change your life.

YOU are your dog’s best trainer, and we know how to teach the skills you need!

NOT Your Ordinary Dog Training Class

We understand your dreams for your dog. We see your dog’s hidden greatness. We’re a local business in a global community and we have something unique to offer you, wherever you live – science-based training, documented to work best for your dog, and we know how to teach you to use it. The Mannerly Dog’s Basic Manners Class will teach you everything you need to build a strong foundation for yourself and your canine buddy.

Our Basic Manners Class is educational and fun for you and your dog.

Everything you expect from a basic manners class, like sit/down/come/leash skills, PLUS:

  • Achieve your own personal training goals
  • Learn how to use basic manners skills to accomplish real-world tasks.
  • We’ll teach you in carefully constructed baby steps that you’ll easily understand.
  • We’ll be training your dog together. He’ll learn right along with you.
  • Your well-behaved dog will be welcome wherever you go!

Train in the comfort of your own home; no traveling required! No need to stress yourself and your dog by driving anywhere, especially if he or she is not comfortable traveling in the car or not skilled at meeting new people or other dogs. See our FAQ’s below. Our class sessions are only 30 minutes each to make the best use of your dog’s attention span – and your family’s, too!

Science shows that teaching your dog new skills in a familiar, low-distraction environment is the best start. We help you build those initial skills into abilities you can use out in the real world.

Our students are prospering in our unique format, with our knowledge and skills in training dogs and teaching humans. We offer support at a level unheard of anywhere else. We are committed to your goals and to a peaceful, happy partnership with your canine best friend.

Working at home right now? Take a couple of minutes a few times a day to do your assigned homework. Watch your dreams become reality!


How Does It Work?

  • Class fee is $300. Classes are every Monday and Thursday evening for 6 weeks.
  • Register and we’ll email our exclusive introductory packet. You’ll start classes very soon after that.
  • We’ll answer all your questions and help you create your training goals by email or phone.
  • Watch our VIDEO TRAILER below to see what Virtual Dog Training Classes look like!

We often recommend our Basic Manners Class as a prerequisite for private training sessions. It’s an economic way for the human half of the partnership to learn the skills necessary for success in private lessons for behavior modification.


Nancy has had all three of my dogs in her classes, and has offered her expertise and experience on more than one of my fosters.  She is always kind and thoughtful with her time, going out of her way to maker sure you and your dog have what they need, even if that means constructing makeshift agility obstacles at a shelter when you ask her about getting into agility.  I can (and frequently do) highly recommend her to folks any chance I get.  Her in-person classes are great and, as we learned with our new puppy, her online classes are also amazing.  Thanks, Nancy for always being such a great advocate for the dogs you see and for sharing your passion with the rest of us!

– Amanda, Houston, Texas

FAQs about Virtual Dog Training Classes

Isn’t it better to train my dog around other dogs for socialization and distractions?

Socialization is a separate process from training behaviors you want your dog to do when you ask.  It’s important and fun for your dog, but doesn’t need to happen at the same time as training behaviors; it can even get in the way of learning new behaviors, as the dog can only be effectively learning one thing at a time. Work through socialization processes during your daily activities with your dog; we’ll guide you!

Distractions must be added at a rate that suits your dog.  It’s best to train new behaviors in a quiet, low-distraction environment where your dog can learn quickly, and then introduce individual distractions as he’s ready to handle them.  Training progresses much more quickly this way!

How can the trainer train my dog when we’re not even in the same building?

Shh!  Don’t tell anyone – the trainer was never training your dog anyway; you are your dog’s trainer!  I get to coach you in 2 short group sessions each week plus review your homework videos and coach you during our coaching calls; that’s 4 times a week when you get coaching from me, and I’m committed to your goals.  Your skills will improve quickly and your dog will learn quickly as a result.

Our students are progressing much more rapidly in our virtual classes than in most face-to-face classes.  Removing the stressors of travel and a new, exciting location with lots of other people and dogs helps humans and dogs feel confident and learn quickly!

Don’t we need a full hour of training class to learn what we need to know?

NO!  Those full hour classes include a lot of wasted time while dogs and humans lose focus, become distracted, and deal with assorted stress-related behaviors.  And then there’s the travel time, which some dogs aren’t ready for, adding to the stress.  Our twice weekly, 30-minute virtual classes have shown to be more productive than a single, hour-long, face-to-face class. Less time spent + more productive training =  more progress, faster!

You are your dog’s best friend and advocate. Your dog counts on you for training that makes sense.