Behavior Course Agreement

  1. I am responsible for my own actions and those of my dog. I am also responsible for the actions of family members and friends I invite to observe, whether class is in-person or online.
  2. I will be on time for class, whether in-person or online, arriving by the scheduled start time, in my seat with my dog on his/her mat. If it’s an in-person class, I know I need to allow time to travel, park, allow my dog to potty, and get to the class area before start time. If it’s an online class, I need to have home distractions contained, my training area defined, and have given my dog a potty break before start time. I will stay until completion of class, which will be either 30 minutes or 1 hour.
  3. I understand I need to be cautious in a group of people and dogs, for the safety of myself and my dog, also for the behavior welfare of my own dog and the other dogs we meet.
  4. I understand my attendance is the first step to my success in becoming a Mannerly Dog Team and building a foundation for further training. I am committed to attending all scheduled in-person classes, all scheduled online sessions, and all scheduled coaching calls included in the class I have registered in. I will submit homework videos on time. I will remain in close contact with Nancy by phone, text, or email to ensure I will meet scheduled class requirements.
  5. (For in-person classes and events only. Please initial, just in case.) I am committed to the physical health of all the dogs in my class. I will notify Nancy by phone, text or email if my dog shows any symptoms of illness. I will have my dog examined by a veterinarian if he/she is ill. I will not bring my dog to class while he/she is showing any symptoms or until my veterinarian says he is not contagious, but I will attend class and participate without my dog so I can get the training information and homework, ask questions, and support my classmates.
  6. I understand occasional photos or videos will be taken in class and recordings of online sessions will be made. The Mannerly Dog and Nancy Kelly may use my image and that of my dog and any observers I bring to class, as well as recorded online sessions for promotional purposes.

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Signed by Nancy M Kelly
Signed On: June 10, 2021

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