Who’s a “Good Dog”? – Foundation Skills

Toby, observing the world and collecting his thoughts

What is a “good dog”? People tend to categorize dogs as “good dogs” when they are confident, friendly, and relaxed. Working dogs and performance dogs need these qualities so fear and anxiety don’t distract them from their jobs. People tend to expect family pets to be safe and reliable around children, which requires a relaxed, […]

Feeding Your Dog: Help him Thrive & Learn

Controlling resources can help you make household rules clear for your dogs. Control the resources and you don’t have to control the dog. The easiest way to start training is to provide things a dog wants to reinforce the choices he makes. Feeding your dog involves providing an important resource for your dog; one that […]

Life Skills: Teaching dogs about day-to-day life

Life should be fun! Training your dog is more than Sit and Stay. Prepare your dog for the things he’s likely to encounter in his life. Make sure he knows what to do in those situations and his life and yours will be predictable and fun. Life skills are the behavioral building blocks that allow […]

How To Teach A Dog Not To Jump Up On People

Teach your dog to sit to greet people: It’s WAY better than jumping up! What’s wrong with dogs jumping up on people? Dogs that jump on people are annoying at best. At worst, jumping up can be dangerous for older folks and small children. Sometimes it’s hard to see how this behavior benefits the dog. […]

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