Understanding dog body language is critical for handling, managing, and training dogs. Dogs express their emotions through their body language. If you can easily observe what they’re “saying”, you can choose the best approach to help them feel safe in any situation.

A sample slide shows how one dog can look completely different depending on what stress signs he shows.

Our Dog Reading Course was designed as part of the animal behavior training program for employees of a large, open-intake animal shelter. Staff learned to quickly observe body language and respond appropriately. It has also been used by rescue groups to train their foster homes to quickly reduce stress in rescue dogs. Quick assessment of stress levels in dogs allows you to make the necessary changes to reduce them.

The Dog Reading Course is online.

Take it at your leisure, stopping for closer study and starting again as needed.

Download the handouts for note-taking and reference.

Knowledge of dog body language is essential for dog owners, foster homes, and anyone who is around dogs.

Families with children will find the course useful for helping kids make good choices around dogs they encounter.

The science of dog behavior in captioned photos, narration, and interactive activities teaches you dog body language.

What does learning dog body language look like?

The Dog Reading Course is a video. You’ll receive a link to watch it for as long and as often as you like. Take the course with your family members! We used photos of real dogs, showing a huge variety of emotional states. Captions and clear narration guide your learning. One activity allows you to use a different part of your brain to point out your own observations of dogs’ expressions (after learning some and with the answers following, of course!) Handouts are included for your note-taking and future reference.

The course delves into how the environment can give you clues about what the dog’s body language is telling you.

How is the Dog Reading Course presented?

By using a variety of different inputs (visual, auditory, and problem-solving to give your feedback, we ensure you have the best chance of taking the information in and really understanding it. Become an expert, help your dogs succeed, and be a benefit to shelters and rescue groups you volunteer with. The information is factual, but we also present it in a light-hearted manner that may make you smile a little. The course takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Take it at your leisure, on your schedule – soak up the information, starting and stopping as needed. This is a lot of information! You’ll find yourself looking at dogs in a curious, confident, and more in-depth way.

Fee for the Dog Reading Course: $30