Dogs learn by association and through consequences that are contingent on their behavior. The Mannerly Dog will work with you to: 

  • Evaluate the dog’s behavior and contributing stimuli
  • Implement management techniques to prevent behavior you don’t want.
  • Skillfully reinforce behavior we like.

At the initial consultation session, we will evaluate not only the behavior of the dog in question, but that of any other pets in the home to do a complete job of analyzing all contributing factors, such as:

  • Stress levels of all pets
  • Foundational skills already in place that we can use to help control the pets’ behavior; i.e., leash training and other self-control skills
  • Inconsistencies in human behavior that can be changed quickly to help modify the pets’ behavior

While addressing management requirements, we will work with the owner to create a training plan. We will provide the most economic package we can to achieve the training goals.

Nancy M. Kelly, B.S., CPDT-KA and The Mannerly Dog will always recommend the approach that is most efficient and effective. We are committed to using documented canine learning theory to guide our training. We are committed to producing consistent, reliable, lasting results. We will not use the dog’s collar to punish him; we will set him up to succeed.

The initial consultation is a crucial tool in determining what needs to happen to solve a dog’s behavior problem. Owners always have final say in which training plan will be implemented. We commit to techniques proven repeatedly through peer-reviewed, published research to modify dog behavior efficiently and effectively without using pain or fear as training tools.