Not satisfied with your dog’s leash skills?

Wanting to try a dog-friendly café or brewery but not ready to take your dog out in a crowd?

Dreaming of taking your dog on a trail hike, but afraid it wouldn’t go well?

We feel your pain!  Our LEASHWORK ADVENTURES CLASS is just for you!

Not every store allows dogs. Your leash skills need to be up to par to visit those that do.

How the class develops your leash skills:

  • Learn and practice leash skills with a small group of like-minded dog/owner teams. Your trainer/coach knows how to help you achieve your goals!
  • 4 short virtual group classes first:  They’re LIVE with your trainer, but online in the comfort of your home.  They’ll be on weekday evenings.  You’ll have homework exercises to practice every day.
  • 3 LIVE, in-person group outings:  We’ll have a short session to plan for each outing to make sure you’re prepared.  Then we’ll meet at a local store, park, patio café, or other fun, dog-friendly spot on a Saturday morning. 
  • 1 Followup Coaching Call:  Go on your own outing! Review it with your trainer after submitting a video for review.
Seems like more and more restaurants allow dogs on the patio! Good leash skills allow you both to have fun.

Our Prep classes and Practice outings will get you and your dog ready for action, whether there’s a family vacation coming up or just an outing to the hardware store!  Your Followup Personal Coaching Call will get you out there on your own, with continuing support and coaching to help you keep getting better at leash skills.  You and your dog will learn the skills you need to succeed every time there’s a leash between you.

Good leash training should be a set of skills that become routine for you and your dog; that’s what success is!

Participants must have completed The Mannerly Dog’s Basic Manners Class.  We do not expect perfection – we know you’re still learning!  We just need to know what basic foundation skills you and your dog have to get started with. 

Please register for the Basic Manners Class if you haven’t taken it yet. Register for Leashwork Adventures Class here.

Fee for Leashwork Adventures Class: $450