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  • Private Lessons

    Private Dog Training Session

    Does your dog have a behavior problem?

    Do you need help with training to achieve your goals for your dog?

    Do you need some immediate relief? Techniques to keep you and your dog safe?

    Not sure what training program is right for you and your dog?

    A private introductory consultation may the the best choice.  We’ll meet in an online meeting or in person …

  • Private Lessons

    Separation Anxiety Package

    What does your dog do when you leave?  Bark, whine, pace back and forth, or worse?

    Imagine if your dog took a nap while you were out?

    Relaxing while you’re gone can be a tall order for a dog with separation anxiety, but we can help you get there! You can, indeed, have a peaceful life with your dog.  It will take …