Leashwork Adventures


Having trouble with leash skills?

Wanting to try a dog-friendly cafe, but not sure you’re ready to take your dog out in a crowd?

Dreaming of taking your dog on a trail hike, but not sure what to expect?

We can help!  Our LEASHWORK ADVENTURES CLASS is just for you!

Learn and practice with a small group of like-minded dog/owner teams and a trainer who knows how to help you achieve your goals.  Beef up your leash skills in a few short classes; follow that with a few fun Saturday outings as a group, safely chaperoned and coached for success!

You need to have completed our Beyond Basic Manners Class first but we know you still have leash skills to learn.  Join us to build a fun future of adventure with your beloved dog!



Have you dreamed of taking your dog on vacation trips?  Camping for the weekend?  Taking him or her along to the hardware store or other dog-friendly venues?  Maybe walking along trails in a local park?  There’s a big world out there to explore, and great leash skills give you and your dog opportunities to get out there and enjoy!  Leash train your dog for success.

Our LEASHWORK ADVENTURES CLASS will help you upgrade your leash training.  You and your dog will learn to work together as a team on outings to public places, even on walks around the block.  There’s no better feeling than walking with your dog as your partner.  Leash train your dog with our coaching and feel confident about taking your dog with you wherever dogs are allowed to go!  

  • For “Beyond Basic Manners” Grads
  • Learn to take your well-behaved dog on public outings
  • Let us help you leash train your dog for success
  •  5 week class:
    • 4 virtual prep sessions upgrade your leash skills
    • 3 group outings to dog-friendly venues
  • We chaperone outings and coach you to success
  • Learn the ins and outs of handling your dog in public
  • Limited to 4 student/dog teams per class
  • $450 – make your dog your co-pilot in adventure!

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