Separation Anxiety Package


What does your dog do when you leave?  Bark, whine, pace back and forth, or worse?

Imagine if your dog took a nap while you were out?

Relaxing while you’re gone can be a tall order for a dog with separation anxiety, but we can help you get there! You can, indeed, have a peaceful life with your dog.  It will take some work, but we’ll help you every step of the way.  Our program includes the lesson plans, skills, daily communication and support you need to achieve your goals.



Does your dog bark, whine, scratch on the door, or worse when you leave him home alone?

Does your dog’s distress make going to work or running errands challenging for you?

It could be clinically diagnosable Separation Anxiety or it could be a “lesser” issue of Separation-Related Distress (not “lesser” in your dog’s eyes!)  Either way, it causes stress for dogs and their owners.  You don’t want your dog to be unhappy, and you certainly don’t want your belongings to be damaged.  But you do need to leave your dog home alone sometimes, so you can run errands or go to work.  This problem is not likely to go away on its own.  Your dog needs help, and so do you.

Imagine a life where you can leave home and your dog naps while you’re gone.  That dream is achievable with behavior modification for separation-related distress.  Behavior science offers the tools to change your dog’s emotional response from fear of the imagined terrible things that will happen when you leave to calm, relaxed, confidence that everything will be OK.  Together, we can change your dog’s life and your own.

Modifying separation anxiety or separation-related distress takes time, but time alone won’t change the behavior.  By using the time effectively to implement behavior modification exercises, we will speed things up as much as possible.  We have the education and experience to make the changes as quickly as your dog can manage them, though the process does take time.

We may need to work closely with your veterinarian, who can prescribe medications to help your dog get the most out of the training.  Some dogs do well with the training alone, but others need the extra help prescription medications can give.  We will help you evaluate your specific problem and work with your vet as needed.

  • Our program will give you both some peace.
  • It will take time, but your dog can learn to feel
    good about being alone.
  • I’ll work closely with you on daily lessons.
  • Our consistent support will ensure success.
  • It all starts with an initial consultation for planning – $150
  • Monthly Separation Distress packages are $1200.

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