Service Dog Training



Do you have dreams of training your own service dog?

You must have a disability; you must have what it takes to follow a proven training program for at least a year.

Service dogs are special individuals.  We can help you find a canine training candidate.

Your dog may be a good training candidate.  We can evaluate him or her to determine that.

Training a safe and reliable service dog is a big job; we will work closely with you for the whole journey.  You have a lot to learn along with your dog. We will help you achieve a high standard of quality in training a service dog to help mitigate your disabilities.  You will be your dog’s trainer, and remain both trainer and handler for the life of your partnership.  You’ll find training to be   rewarding and motivating as well as transformational as you learn to train and handle your service dog to help you get things done.

  • Other organizations use the SD Training Manual Nancy wrote
  • We set the highest standards for safety & reliability
  • The path to an owner-trained SD can be challenging
  • We’ll help you from evaluation to team deployment
  • Plan for a year of training
  • Group classes & private packages combine for best value for your money
  • Packages priced at $100 per hour; classes at standard fee.

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