Separation Anxiety Training Package

Does your dog panic to the point of scratching the door, barking, whining, tearing your window coverings, or worse?

Separation Anxiety and less dramatic separation-related behavior problems are common and heartbreaking. Your dog is miserable, and you’re becoming miserable because you don’t know how to help him. We know how and we’re here to teach you. We’ll show you the light at the end of that long tunnel and start you on the road to being able to say good-bye to your dog without him losing his mind.

The stress of separation anxiety is just too much for a dog to bear, and it can make your life miserable as a result.

Ask us to schedule a consultation to establish your dog’s specific problems and make a plan to turn things around. You’ll receive carefully constructed daily training sessions to put in action. They take time, but they are easy and effective. We’re there for you every day, creating new training sessions based on the results you submit daily. The high level of support we offer and daily lessons tailored to your dog’s needs will get you the fastest results possible. (This training takes time; there’s no way to make it happen faster than your dog can learn.)

We’ll ask you to speak to your dog’s veterinarian about the problem. Some dogs need medication to help them conquer their fear of being left home alone. Your veterinarian will be the one to prescribe what your dog needs, The Mannerly Dog will help you do the training, and we’ll all be in communication throughout the process.

The Mannerly Dog’s Separation Anxiety Training Package including daily assignments, video review, additional resources, and full access to trainer support 5 days every week for 4 weeks: $1200 (Contracts are renewable for as long as your dog needs us to teach him.)

Why choose The Mannerly Dog?

We know what it’s like to have a pleasant, peaceful life with dogs and we know how to get you there. You need a plan; a training program to gently modify your dog’s behavior. That’s what we do! We use techniques that are least intrusive to your dog, therefore gentle and humane; non-aversive methods that incorporate learning at the simplest level so we can effectively build on each lesson. Most importantly, we use our extensive education and experience to teach you the behavior science you need to understand your dog. Over 30 years of training dogs and their humans, we’ve seen it all! Check out my education and experience here. We train in the most humane and efficient ways, with your dog’s best interests in mind. (Your best interests, too!)