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  • Group Lessons

    Basic Manners Copy

    Classes only start on Mondays. Please choose a Monday when you select your course

  • Group Lessons

    Beyond Basic Manners Class

    This basic obedience class offers more than any you’ve taken before or heard of.  We cover the basics – and beyond!  Learn how to build front door manners, crate training, mat training, shaping, super leash skills, as well as the standard sit, down, come, and more!  Help your dog or puppy become a Mannerly Dog as you learn with him …

  • Self-guided

    Dog Reading

    How should you approach a dog?  Just ask him!

    Dogs are transparent in their communications about what they need, what they’re ready to do.  If you understand what dogs are “saying” with their body language, you will be able to handle dogs in ways that make them feel calmer and keep yourself safe.

    Our DOG READING COURSE is what you need to …

  • Group Lessons

    Leashwork Adventures

    Having trouble with leash skills?

    Wanting to try a dog-friendly cafe, but not sure you’re ready to take your dog out in a crowd?

    Dreaming of taking your dog on a trail hike, but not sure what to expect?

    We can help!  Our LEASHWORK ADVENTURES CLASS is just for you!

    Learn and practice with a small group of like-minded dog/owner teams and a trainer …

  • Private Lessons

    Private Dog Training Session

    Does your dog have a behavior problem?

    Do you need help with training to achieve your goals for your dog?

    Do you need some immediate relief? Techniques to keep you and your dog safe?

    Not sure what training program is right for you and your dog?

    A private introductory consultation may the the best choice.  We’ll meet in an online meeting or in person …

  • Private Lessons

    Separation Anxiety Package

    What does your dog do when you leave?  Bark, whine, pace back and forth, or worse?

    Imagine if your dog took a nap while you were out?

    Relaxing while you’re gone can be a tall order for a dog with separation anxiety, but we can help you get there! You can, indeed, have a peaceful life with your dog.  It will take …