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    The Mannerly Dog Training Bundle

    Clicker/Treat Bag/Toy Bundle

    BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL:  What a great Holiday gift!  Our Training Bundle is just the thing for dog-lovers who understand the value of science-based, positive reinforcement training and play for their lovable dogs.  Your own Mannerly Dog Treat Bag will hold plenty of training treats for reinforcing the behaviors you want from your canine companion, plus the Bundle items it comes …

  • Self-guided

    Dog Reading

    How should you approach a dog?  Just ask him!

    Dogs are transparent in their communications about what they need, what they’re ready to do.  If you understand what dogs are “saying” with their body language, you will be able to handle dogs in ways that make them feel calmer and keep yourself safe.

    Our DOG READING COURSE is what you need to …

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    The Mannerly Dog Toy

    Dog Toy

    Toys are great to add to your list of positive reinforcements for training!  But they’re also fun for independent canine play and fun interactions with the humans.  We had this easy-to-carry toy made by a company in Austin, Texas.  It will fit nicely into your dog’s mouth, no matter what size or breed you have.   Both the shape and …

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    The Mannerly Dog Clickers

    Three Clickers

    Button-clickers are sleek, ergonomic, and responsive for marking desirable behaviors.  They feel good in your hand and they’re quieter than the old box clickers.  You’ll love training with it.  Training your dog is a big part of your relationship with him or her, and our “Happy Dog – Happy You” motto will help you remember that!  Sold in a set …

  • The Mannerly Dog Belted Treat Bag

    Treat Bag

    Keep your positive reinforcements handy so you can develop behaviors whenever they happen! The Doggone Good treat bag is timeless because it’s sturdy, washable, and ergonomic.  It’s the one we use ourselves.  I have one that’s in great shape after 10 years of steady use!  Load it up with treats of different values, a clicker, a few waste pick-up bags, …