Science and Animal Training Series #4: Science-based Dog Training Matters

The big picture of dog training There’s a big picture of dog training, and it involves how we treat animals and humans.  Positive reinforcement can help us get others to respond in ways we like.  It requires us to observe our own behavior and choose what we do so we can get the responses we […]

Science and Animal Training #3: Behavior Science Principles

The application of behavior science is based on the behavior science principles of Stimulation, Reinforcement, Extinction, Punishment, and Generalization. Anyone who has a dog uses these principles every day, but you may not realize the power you have to use them deliberately. Stimulation or The Stimulus  Stimulation is giving a cue. The stimulus is whatever […]

Science and Animal Training Series #1: What is Science-based Training?

Training “Training” most often refers to changing the behavior of an organism.  The organism may be your dog or cat, horse or parrot, fish, lizard, or a human family member.  The behavior may be your dog learning to retrieve a ball, a lizard going to a certain area of his cage, or your nephew learning […]

Teaching Reactive Dogs A New Habit, Part II: “Look At That!” for reactivity

What is Reactivity? “Reactivity” in dogs describes a dog reacting quickly and intensively to stimuli that don’t warrant such a strong response. It’s a problem behavior that can be prevented and treated with a few simple exercises. Dogs that respond quickly to certain stimuli are often trained as hearing alert dogs; these dogs don’t miss […]

The Trading Protocol for Prevention and Treatment of Resource Guarding in Dogs

Resource Guarding is a perfectly natural behavior for dogs. It can serve a valuable purpose if they are feral, living on their own, and having to find and protect food, sleeping areas, their puppies, and themselves from harm. The dogs we live with and the dogs we rescue have no need to guard their resources, […]

Balanced Training for Dogs or a Poisoned Cue?

Balanced training for dogs: is just a little punishment helpful? “Balanced training” seems to be a popular approach to dog training. Those who don’t understand behavior science think it’s a good approach, but it has zero support from science. A little scrutiny of balanced training for dogs reveals severe conflict between it and best training […]

House Training Your Dog

House training a new dog or puppy can seem intense. But if you put in the time at the beginning, right from the start, the rest of your dog’s life will be smooth sailing! How to house-train your dog: Reward him when he eliminates outside – you can even specify the spot! Make sure he […]

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