You have a Mannerly Dog & daily life is wonderful. What’s next?

Training in the Details is your class for advanced dog training!

  • Build a strong foundation for your training goals: performance, competition, service or therapy dog work.
  • Keep your dog busy in a good way with science-based training. Training games are the best fun!
  • Develop your skills to add distance work, targets, jumping, retrieving, and more to your repertoire.

Working at home right now? It’s a great time to teach your dog productive activities with our advanced dog training class!


*This class requires prerequisite training, like our Basic Manners class. Email for information if you’ve completed other training classes. We’re committed to your success, so we’ll evaluate your skill set before you register.

How Does It Work?

  • Class fee is $300 for 9 weeks of classes.
  • Register and we’ll email your introductory packet, including information on science-based behavior and training, how to set up your training area, and an equipment list. (It’s mostly household items you will use for targets, circling, and more, plus a mat. No fancy, specific training devices!)
  • Attend every class, do your homework, submit your homework videos, and participate in coaching calls with Nancy each week.
  • Watch our VIDEO TRAILER below to see what Virtual Dog Training classes look like and how much fun you’ll have!

*The Mannerly Dog offers Basic Manners Class to get started with training.