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Engage in life-long learning with your best friend in the basic manners class. You will learn the fundamental tools of behavior science and receive individualized feedback.

Great dog training tips from bathing, clipping, brushing to training and dog safety.

Training for Dogs & Their Owners

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We would love to work with you! Your goals matter to us and we will hand-craft a path to success specific to you and your dog. We are your go-to training source for classes, puppy training, rescue dogs, performance dogs, service dogs, and your dog!

Our science-based dog training techniques are grounded in positive reinforcement! Helping to foster a healthy bond between you and your canine with low stress training techniques is our primary goal. We offer virtual training session that are personalized to help you and your canine’s relationship flourish using our science-based animal training methods. We teach classes help you train your canine into The Mannerly Dog that is truly easy to love!

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Have a question? Need a training tip? Want to understand more about science-based training? We’ve got your back. We distill our 20+ years of animal training and experience into concise blog posts on many topics. Sign up for our newsletter so you never miss new content and stay updated on animal behavior and training.

The questions of what behaviors dogs engage in an and why are analyzed and explained in our blog. Animal behavior is a field of science that has truly bloomed with prominent scientists like B.F. Skinner, Bob Bailey (one of my mentors!), and Keller Breland! Learn all about the foundations of animal behavior and how the science helps you with leash training, sitting, and more behaviors!


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A bit about me

I am Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed® (CPDT-KA) practicing science-based dog training, both virtually and in person. Read my full story here.

Nancy M. Kelly

Owner, Professional Dog Trainer

Over 30 years of science-based dog training experience

Our clients see real and valuable growth in their relationships with their dogs. Read how our science-based dog training has improved their bond!
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Houston, Texas

"Nancy has had all three of my dogs in her classes, and has offered her expertise and experience on more than one of my fosters. She is always kind and thoughtful with her time, going out of her way to maker sure you and your dog have what they need, even if that means constructing makeshift agility obstacles at a shelter when you ask her about getting into agility. I can (and frequently do) highly recommend her to folks any chance I get. Her in-person classes are great and, as we learned with our new puppy, her online classes are also amazing. Thanks, Nancy for always being such a great advocate for the dogs you see and for sharing your passion with the rest of us!"



Houston, Texas

"We finally figured out how to teach Sheila to walk on a loose leash. We put her in control. I move forward when she gives me eye contact. Her leash manners have improved dramatically. I will sing your praises any time the subject of dog training comes up."



Houston, Texas

"Several years ago I was confined to a wheelchair and in need of a dog trainer to train an older Golden Retriever named Pyro to become my service dog. Nancy was highly recommended to me by Texas Hearing and Service Dogs. Nancy is an awesome dog trainer! She only uses highly effective positive training methods and even though Pyro was already 6 years old, he quickly learned an unbelievable amount of behaviors needed to become my helper. Nancy not only taught Pyro–she also taught me how to train him! Pyro learned to walk next to my wheelchair, how to pick up objects and put them into my lap, how to open doors, put items into the trash, pick up his toys and put them in a basket and a variety of other behaviors! It was amazing to watch as each time we trained he learned something new and was proud to demonstrate what he learned. I highly recommend Nancy as a dog trainer! She loves animals and her positive methods bring out the best in dogs of all ages and abilities."


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