Positive, science-based dog training

Learn the skills trainers rely on to communicate effectively, teach desirable behaviors, and build a lifelong bond.

Positive, Force-free Training

Calm, directed efforts will allow gentle growth of your dog training skills

The Right Approach for any dog

I’ll work with you to work with what your dog is already offering, even when it’s hard to see!

individualized plans

I get it, your life and your dog are unique. So, too, will be the strategy I offer to you.

You CAN change your dog’s behavior. All you need is the right plan.

Bone-a-fide expertise

As a certified trainer and animal behavior expert with 25+ years of experience in positive, science-based training methods, I’ll teach you the skills you need to change your dog’s behavior for good.

In-person attention, online

You and your dog learn best where you’re most comfortable. Enjoy personalized 1-on-1 attention in a virtual format for the best of both worlds—all the results without the commute.

Think like a trainer

Go beyond basic obedience to the behavior science behind how your dog learns. Master the basic skills to approach behavioral challenges with the mind of a trainer, breaking big changes into small steps. This skill will serve you for life!

You love your dog. But sometimes, their manners are downright embarrassing.

From jumping up on guests to barking, lunging, and dragging you around on leash, training can feel like a hopeless task—especially if you’ve tried already without results.


A rewarding and joyful life with your pet is closer than you think. I’ll teach you how to get there, step by step.

Shape the behavior you want and build a lasting bond.

Dogs thrive on clear, consistent communication. My approach is simple: make a plan, follow it consistently, and watch the magic happen. No special skills required.

I’ll teach you how to change your dog’s behavior for good, starting with small steps that build to an “I can’t believe that’s my dog!” transformation.

Online Training Services

Learn the skills trainers rely on to communicate effectively, teach desirable behaviors, and build a lifelong bond

Beyond Basic Manners

Your training skills will thrive as you learn to carefully cultivate behaviors in both yourself and your animal in this comprehensive, 1-on-1 training class

6-Week Online Course​

This course goes Beyond Basic Manners to teach you and your dog a strong foundation for calm, polite behavior and lifelong teamwork. You’ll learn all the basic obedience classics like sit, down, come, and on-leash skills, plus:

  • Apply basic manners skills to real-world challenges like greeting guests, resisting door dashing, or encountering other dogs on walks.
  • Achieve your own individual training goals in a 1-on-1 or small group setting.
  • Learn how your dog thinks, why they act the way they do, and how to shape new behaviors to replace old ones
  • Practice the baby steps that will transform your dog from out of control to unbelievable. This course has something for everyone, from new to seasoned dog owners.

Dog Reading

Your training skills will thrive as you learn to carefully cultivate behaviors in both yourself and your animal in this comprehensive, 1-on-1 training class

Self-Paced Online Course

Understand what your dog is "saying"

Dogs tell us a lot with their body language—we just don’t always understand them. Learning to recognize signs of stress or anxiety in our pets helps us make good choices about how we respond.

In this self-paced course, you’ll learn to read dog body language and improve your handling. Great for dog foster parents, families with children, shelter volunteers, and anyone who wants to interpret their dogs’ body language better.

Why Work With The Mannerly Dog?

Where Trainers come to learn

With 25+ years of experience training dogs and other animals, I teach owners and trainers the basic principles they need to shape behavior through positive, science-based methods.

Simple actions, powerful results

Create new behaviors that once seemed unattainable. No special talent required—just a fewfundamental techniques practiced consistently over time.

Create lasting change

The best way to shape your dog’s behavior is to learn together, working as a team. Watch your pets learn to think through their choices and make better ones.

Positive and force-free

No aversive methods like pain or fear. Instead of punishing dogs for undesirable behaviors, we’ll teach them to prefer the behaviors we want.

Learning for life

My methods are universal. Learning how to shape your dog’s behavior helps you adapt as your needs—and theirs—change over time. This course pays dividends for life.

Client Testimonials

Nancy Kelly, B.S., CPDT-KA (M.S. in 2023!)

Hi, I’m Nancy.

I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed® (CPDT-KA) with 25+ years of experience training pets and their people to communicate effectively.

Understanding how animals think and behave is my true passion. I spent five years as a veterinary technician, studied with Dr. Robert Bailey for over 20 years, and am pursuing a master’s degree in behavioral psychology to amplify my skills even further.

After decades of working with pets and their owners, I understand that most dog owners don’t want an obedience champion. They just want a happy, well-trained pet who’s a joy to be around. Mannerly dogs can enjoy most environments and situations in a relaxed way, giving us more time to spend with our beloved companions.

The training philosophy behind The Mannerly Dog is simple: care and respect for animals and their families. My goal is to make life fulfilling for everyone involved. I’ll work by your side everystep of the way to get there.

The Mannerly Dog is the perfect training solution for owners who want to take their dog from:

Constant tug-of-war → Loose leash walking

Barking and lunging → Calm, enjoyable walks

Excessive barking → Peace and quiet

Jumping on guests → Sitting to greet

Rushing out the door → Waiting for your okay

Selective deafness → Coming when called

Don’t see your trouble spot on the list? Contact me to ask if The Mannerly Dog is right for you.

You and your dog can be an unstoppable team.
Why wait to enjoy life with your Mannerly Dog?

Animal Training Tips

Resource guarding behaviors are natural for dogs, but can be dangerous.  The trading protocol will help you safely teach alternate behaviors.  Imagine your dog bringing you things instead of guarding them from you! 

House training or potty training may be a lot of work on your part, but your puppy will learn to let you know when he needs to relieve himself.  When you bring home a new adult dog, you should go through the house training process with her, even if the foster home said the dog was already house trained.  Your new dog doesn’t know where you want him to potty, or where the door is to get there! 

A “good dog” is one who is as confident, friendly, and relaxed as he is capable of being.  You can help your dog develop these qualities in the situations that apply to his life with you.