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    The Mannerly Dog Clickers

    Three Clickers

    Button-clickers are sleek, ergonomic, and responsive for marking desirable behaviors.  They feel good in your hand and they’re quieter than the old box clickers.  You’ll love training with it.  Training your dog is a big part of your relationship with him or her, and our “Happy Dog – Happy You” motto will help you remember that!  Sold in a set …

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    The Mannerly Dog Training Bundle

    Clicker/Treat Bag/Toy Bundle

    BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL:  What a great Holiday gift!  Our Training Bundle is just the thing for dog-lovers who understand the value of science-based, positive reinforcement training and play for their lovable dogs.  Your own Mannerly Dog Treat Bag will hold plenty of training treats for reinforcing the behaviors you want from your canine companion, plus the Bundle items it comes …

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    The Mannerly Dog Toy

    Dog Toy

    Toys are great to add to your list of positive reinforcements for training!  But they’re also fun for independent canine play and fun interactions with the humans.  We had this easy-to-carry toy made by a company in Austin, Texas.  It will fit nicely into your dog’s mouth, no matter what size or breed you have.   Both the shape and …


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  • Why does your dog behave that way? How can you change it? We’ve got the answers.
  • We understand. We’ve seen it before. Let us help you solve your problems.
  • Positive reinforcement is our game plan. Education and experience are our tools.

Training for Dogs & Their Owners

Have fun with dog training! Science-based training teaches your dog to make good behavior choices. The result is a well-behaved dog you can be proud of.

Training Your Dog is Fun!

Dog training is fun, effective, and fast with the skilled application of positive reinforcement.

You don’t have to go it alone! We’re here to help.

Beyond Basic Manners Class (Virtual)

“Online dog training may sound weird, but the virtual classes are so helpful because there aren’t distractions. Nancy is so helpful, encouraging, and great at explaining things. The personalized coaching calls are so informative!” – Justine Moore, Maizie’s mom
Small class for optimal success: 3-4 students
$300 – the 6 weeks that will change your life!

Dog Reading (Online)

Understand what dogs “say”!
Body language tells you how to respond.
Expert advice on best handling practices
Essential for shelter & vet clinic pros
Critical for rescue volunteers
Great for pet owners, too!
Includes handouts
$30 – online class at your convenience


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Sign up to receive dog training tips in your inbox monthly!

A bit about me

I am Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed® (CPDT-KA) practicing science-based dog training, both virtually and in person. Read my full story here.

Nancy M. Kelly

Owner, Professional Dog Trainer

Over 30 years of science-based dog training experience

Our clients see real and valuable growth in their relationships with their dogs. Read how our science-based dog training has improved their bond!
Khuno, a happy dog


Houston, Texas

" Her in-person classes are great and, as we learned with our new puppy, her online classes are also amazing. Thanks, Nancy for always being such a great advocate for the dogs you see and for sharing your passion with the rest of us!"



Houston, Texas

"Sheila's leash manners have improved dramatically. I will sing your praises any time the subject of dog training comes up."



Houston, Texas

"Nancy is an awesome dog trainer! She only uses highly effective positive training methods and even though Pyro was already 6 years old, he quickly learned an unbelievable amount of behaviors to become my service dog."


Science-based dog training articles

Problems Between Dogs:

Does time heal all wounds? Physical wounds affect the body:  cuts, bruises, broken bones, damage to internal organs.  Behavior can be “wounded” also.  As we’ve discussed here before, every experience a dog has affects his Read more…

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