Chicken Training

What comes to mind when you think of chickens? Eggs?  A pastoral farm?  You probably don’t immediately think of a trained chicken running an agility

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Using Treats for Training

Consequences Dogs learn in 2 ways.  One is by the consequences of their behavior choices – their actions.  People sometimes think “consequences” are bad things,

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Dog Training: Simple But Not Easy

Immediate Dog Training “Fixes” The world seems very “market-y” these days.  I see more and more ads proclaiming quick fixes and miraculous cures for problems

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Problems Between Dogs:

Does time heal all wounds? Physical wounds affect the body:  cuts, bruises, broken bones, damage to internal organs.  Behavior can be “wounded” also.  As we’ve

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Traveling with Cats

WHAT?  Sure!  Why not?   As long as you and your cat are prepared with the skills you need to succeed, there’s no reason a cat

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Road Trips with Dogs

Summer Vacation Road Trip! Road trips with dogs can be delightful if you’re prepared. We drove through several states, sleeping in hotels in some of

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