Sheila, running back to her owner after retrieving a ball

We finally figured out how to teach Sheila to walk on a loose leash. We put her in control. I move forward when she gives me eye contact. Her leash manners have improved dramatically. I will sing your praises any time the subject of dog training comes up.

– Chris, Houston, Texas

Sheila happily standing on her hind legs
Pyro happily playing with a chew toy

Several years ago I was confined to a wheelchair and in need of a dog trainer to train an older Golden Retriever named Pyro to become my service dog. Nancy was highly recommended to me by Texas Hearing and Service Dogs. Nancy is an awesome dog trainer! She only uses highly effective positive training methods and even though Pyro was already 6 years old, he quickly learned an unbelievable amount of behaviors needed to become my helper. Nancy not only taught Pyro–she also taught me how to train him! Pyro learned to walk next to my wheelchair, how to pick up objects and put them into my lap, how to open doors, put items into the trash, pick up his toys and put them in a basket and a variety of other behaviors! It was amazing to watch as each time we trained he learned something new and was proud to demonstrate what he learned. I highly recommend Nancy as a dog trainer! She loves animals and her positive methods bring out the best in dogs of all ages and abilities.
–Marianne, Clear Lake, Texas

Toby, observing the world and collecting his thoughts

Without Nancy’s help, I might never have been able to walk my dog again, or, more importantly, resume our Animal Assisted Therapy visits with Cancer patients.

I lost my confidence to be able to walk my 130 pound Great Pyrenees, Toby, after he threw me through the air to chase two dogs down the street. After a shoulder replacement, I became anxious during our therapy visits, causing Toby to be on guard and leery of the other dogs.

Nancy has taught me the skills to use positive reinforcement instead of the collar and leash to control Toby’s behavior. While I am still working on my own behavior, Toby has become attentive and has increased his ability to learn new commands quickly. 

We are planning to resume our therapy visits soon to the joy of our team and I am sure the patients. Toby was born to provide love and comfort, and thanks to Nancy, he’ll be able to go back to work. 

–Kaaren, Crosby, Texas

Nancy’s training has helped my dogs to calm down significantly. This has been especially crucial for my 9-year-old Maltese who suffers from seizures. Nancy has taught us effective ways of calming our barking/anxious dogs. Nancy provides very personalized service – she came to our home on several occasions. She adapts her methods based on our dogs’ specific circumstances and needs. She was able to get them to stop barking! After each visit she provided a narrative recap of everything we covered, including methods, reasoning and how-to’s. I can now reference back to those documents and remember all of the training we covered. Nancy has a friendly, calm and helpful demeanor. Our dogs loved her! She also offers practical advice for any question and her experience is evident during training. I would definitely recommend Nancy to anyone looking to improve their dogs’ lives.

–Erica, Houston, Texas

Sophie and Prudence lying happily together

Oh hi there!
It’s nice to meet you.

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