Fully coached, 1-on-1 online training

You have a great dog, but sometimes that greatness is hidden beneath undesirable behaviors and bad habits.

You and your dog deserve the best from each other. Beyond Basic Manners is a truly life-changing science-based online training program that will give you those tools.

Nancy has had all three of my dogs in her classes, and has offered her expertise and experience on more
than one of my fosters. She is always kind and thoughtful with her time, going out of her way to maker
sure you and your dog have what they need, even if that means constructing makeshift agility obstacles
at a shelter when you ask her about getting into agility. I can (and frequently do) highly recommend her
to folks any chance I get. Her in-person classes are great and, as we learned with our new puppy, her
online classes are also amazing. Thanks, Nancy for always being such a great advocate for the dogs you
see and for sharing your passion with the rest of us!

—Amanda and Eric

Beyond Basic Manners is NOT your typical dog training class.

Training can be tiring, frustrating, and overwhelming for most dog owners. You want the best for your dog and your family—but no matter how hard you try to train, it feels like there’s a disconnect. 

Gentle, science-based positive reinforcement training will change your life. Understanding the basic principles of animal behavior—and how to use them—is the difference between frustrated overwhelm and a lifelong bond with a pet you love spending time with.

“If you are willing to put in a little work every day and are willing to listen, Beyond Basic Manners can completely change your life with your dog.” 

—Allison Rule  

How Beyond Basic Manners will transform your dog from the inside out:

  1. Customized goals: Each course is private, so we focus on the skills and behaviors you care about most. Using direct coaching and video reviews, I’ll provide consistent and thorough feedback throughout.

  2. Training and coaching calls: Get everything you expect from a basic obedience class—like sit, down, come, and leash walking skills—AND learn to navigate real-world challenges and tasks. I teach using carefully constructed baby steps that help you and your dog learn lightning-fast.

  3. Enjoy a lifetime of results: Training won’t work unless you do! My students put in the time it takes to work as a team with their dog. When you are dedicated to the process, you’ll enjoy every moment with your well-behaved dog for life!

“This course is so personalized that I can’t think of a way to improve it. In the personal coaching calls, you can request advice on any training skills not already covered. Nancy really is helping you to learn how to generalize the training process to be whatever you need it to be.” 

—Justine Moore 

Beyond Basic Manners: 6-week online coaching course


6 weeks of training. 12 virtual classes. 12 coaching calls with video review. 1 mannerly dog. 

You’ll Learn: 

  • Basic obedience skills, like sit, stay, come when called, and loose leash walking 
  • Science-based training techniques that dog behavior professionals use to shape lifelong behaviors 
  • How to work with your dog, not against them—training takes time and practice, but it shouldn’t be a struggle 
  • Every step to achieve your personal training goals, customized to fit your needs


YOU are your dog’s best trainer. I will teach you the skills you need to connect, communicate, and thrive with your lifelong companion.

Want to keep learning? Our Online Dog Reading Course is the perfect foundation for Beyond Basic Manners.

“Nancy is fantastic! She makes the training exercises fun and is always very encouraging. She really helps you understand every step. She shows you how to train your dog, but she also helps you grow with your pup, adding extra exercises as you progress.” 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Beyond Basic Manners cost? How long is the program?

Beyond Basic Manners costs $900 for a six-week private training program. We meet four times each week in total: twice for virtual training sessions and twice for coaching calls.

Isn’t it better to train my dog around other dogs for socialization and distractions?

Socialization is a separate process from training behaviors you want your dog to do when asked. It’s important and fun for your dog but doesn’t need to happen at the same time as training behaviors. In fact, it can even get in the way of learning new behaviors, since your dog can only effectively learn one thing at a time. Work through socialization processes during your daily activities with your dog; we’ll guide you! 

Distractions must be added at a rate that suits your dog. It’s best to train new behaviors in a quiet, low-distraction environment where your dog can learn quickly and then introduce individual distractions as they’re ready to handle them. Training progresses much more quickly this way! 

How can you train my dog when we’re not even in the same building?

I’ll let you in on an industry secret: the point of dog training has never been to train your dog. It’s to train you, because YOU are your dog’s trainer! I teach you directly in 2 short training sessions each week, plus review your homework videos and coach you during our regular coaching calls. That means 4 coaching opportunities each week! Plus, I’m committed to your goals. Your skills will improve quickly and your dog will learn quickly as a result.  

My students progress much more rapidly in our virtual classes than in most face-to-face classes.  Removing the stressors of travel and a new, exciting location with lots of other people and dogs helps the dogs and their humans feel confident and learn quickly! 

Don’t we need a full hour of training class to learn what we need to know?

NO! Those full-hour classes include a lot of wasted time while dogs and humans lose focus, become distracted, and deal with assorted stress-related behaviors. Then there’s the travel time, which only adds to the stress. I’ve been teaching animal behavior for decades, and twice-weekly, 30-minute virtual classes have proven to be more productive than a single hour-long in-person class. Less time spent + more productive training =  more progress, faster!