For more training videos to help you visualize your goals for your dog and to make an efficient training plan, please visit:
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Achieving Forever

A video project created to support dog rescue groups. Visit our YouTube Channel for ideas to help your foster dog become more adoptable through simple positive-reinforcement techniques.

The logo of Achieving Forever, a YouTube series about helping foster dogs become more adoptable

Doggie Zen

This video shows how to begin the Doggie Zen exercise, which teaches a dog to resist grabbing food and other impulsive behaviors. It helps dogs learn self-control.

Beginning Heeling

Watch the high rate of reinforcement used to begin teaching a dog to walk next to you in a decent heeling position.


When you and your dog have great leash skills as a team, you can do almost anything.

Learning to Operate a Door

Here’s Chester’s early work on tugging a strap to pull a door open or closed. He’s so enthusiastic!

Here’s Chester working with the actual door that has caused his partner so much trouble. It’s a big, heavy door, and because of the power chair and the skinny porch, he has to approach from a particular angle to succeed. We first taught the individual behaviors in the training room, then we put them all together, then we transferred them to the actual setting so he could help his partner. You can tell this is our first success at getting the job done – we’re so happy to have accomplished this very specific task!

Oh hi there!
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