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Do we need to sit down and talk? Does your dog need private dog training lessons for a specific behavior problem? 


Do you need a custom private dog training package?

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on walks?

Is managing your dog a challenge when other people are around?

Are you seeing bad habits developing?

Does your dog have fears that are limiting his abilities (and yours) to enjoy life? 

Are you experiencing other behavior problems?

If so, then you may be wondering about dog training vs. behavior consultation. Our private dog training packages are both. We approach all our training plans from a behavior science point of view. We will provide an analysis of the behaviors that need to change, what’s maintaining them now, and how to go about creating a new routine. We’ll develop a training plan just for you and your dog. We’ll help you put that plan into action. Together, we will help you solve your training and behavior problems. We are committed to achieving your goals.

Your private dog training package will help you achieve your goals.

We combine virtual and live meet-ups to customize your private dog training package to achieve your goals. How? First, when live sessions are needed, we can meet with you at your home or at our training facility. Second, virtual sessions are best for many training needs. They allow us to meet with you no matter what your geographic area; we will work with you to determine what will be best for you and your dog. Third, we will use science-based positive reinforcement training to make your life with your dog more peaceful and predictable. Our methods are documented by scientific research and in line with The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

What does your private dog training package include?

Your custom private dog training quote will specify the number of sessions, amount of time, and specific behaviors you’ll need to achieve your goals. Handouts, videos, and other helpful resources will be yours to keep after your package is complete. The initial consultation is usually 90 minutes. Follow-up training sessions are usually 30 to 45 minutes each. Packages usually include 5 – 12 sessions.


We work hard to use your time and money for the greatest benefit for you and your dog. For example, we may recommend our Beyond Basic Manners Class as part of a training package, to get you and your dog started on the right paw for less cost. Private sessions are priced at $100 per hour. Your quote will include the specific number and length of sessions plus the behaviors we will teach to solve your specific problems.

We will be with you every step of the way!

We provide extensive support during the course of your private dog training package and we are committed to your goals. You will be accountable for your daily assigned training with your dog. For instance, we’ll ask you to submit short training videos for review. We’ll carry out regularly scheduled communication via email, online meeting or phone.

Why choose The Mannerly Dog?

We know what it’s like to have a pleasant, peaceful life with dogs and we know how to get you there. You need a plan; a training program to gently modify your dog’s behavior. That’s what we do! We use techniques that are least intrusive to your dog, therefore gentle and humane. In this way, we incorporate learning at the simplest level so we can effectively build on each lesson. Most importantly, we use our extensive education and experience to teach you the behavior science you need to understand your dog. Over 30 years of training dogs and their humans, we’ve seen it all! Check out my education and experience here. We train in the most humane and efficient ways, with your dog’s best interests in mind. (Your best interests, too!)

Fee for Private Dog Training Packages: $100 per hour

Use our contact page to give us your individual details. We’ll get back to you right away!