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Do you and your dog need private dog training lessons to correct a specific behavior problem? 

Custom Training Packages

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on walks? Are his leash skills less than desirable? Does your dog have fears that are limiting his abilities (and yours) to enjoy life? 

We’ll create a custom training package of private dog training lessons that will help you achieve your goals. We will use science-based positive reinforcement training to make your life more peaceful and predictable.

Your custom package will cover the amount of time necessary to teach the specific behaviors you need to achieve your goals, and it will be detailed to include a specific number of sessions and specific behaviors necessary to serve your needs. The initial consultation is usually 90 minutes and training sessions are usually 30 to 45 minutes each. We provide extensive support during the course of the package and we are committed to your goals. We want your life with your dog to be pleasant and peaceful. We have the education and experience to conquer your most challenging behavior problems with your dog. Over the last 30 years of training, we’ve seen it all! We train in the most humane and efficient ways, with your dog’s best interests in mind. (Your best interests, too!) The fee will be based on our $100 per hour standard rate.

Separation Anxiety Packages

Separation Anxiety and related behavior problems may take a year or more to turn around. We begin with a consultation to establish what your dog’s specific problems are. You’ll receive carefully constructed daily training sessions for you and your family to put in action to begin teaching your dog there’s not really anything to worry about. We work on 4-week contracts, renewable each month as we progress. The high level of support we offer and lessons tailored to your dog’s needs will get you the fastest results possible. This training takes time, but our education and experience will decrease the time required to as short a period as possible. The Mannerly Dog’s Separation Anxiety Training Package including daily assignments and full access to trainer support 5 days every week for 4 weeks: $1200

COMING SOON! Leashwork Training Package: Take Great Walks with Your Dog!

Get in touch with us on our contact page with your individual details and we’ll get back to you right away!