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This basic obedience class offers more than any you’ve taken before or heard of.  We cover the basics – and beyond!  Learn how to build front door manners, crate training, mat training, shaping, super leash skills, as well as the standard sit, down, come, and more!  Help your dog or puppy become a Mannerly Dog as you learn with him to get the behavior you can be proud of.

This class helps you solve behavior problems, too.  Teaching new behaviors to replace the problem behaviors is scientifically shown to be effective.

BEYOND BASIC MANNERS is intense in that we meet frequently.  You’ll find it easy to excel because we know how to teach you and your dog effectively!  Start right now to make your life with your dog the pleasure you’ve dreamed of.  Learn what it’s like to work with your dog as your partner.  Let your dog show you just how smart he or she is and the amazing things you can accomplish together!

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You’re already training your new puppy!  You may as well work with us and make the most of your time and effort.

Your new rescue dog may have been obedient in his foster home, but you have to train him in your home because it’s a whole new scenario and he can’t easily transfer his previous manners.

Did you teach your best canine friend basic obedience as a pup and it seems like he’s “forgotten” everything now?

BEYOND BASIC MANNERS is a small-group class experience that you and your dog will enjoy.  You’ll both gain new skills that make being partners in life easier.  Our class breaks behavior down into tiny steps so you excel at the basics.  This allows you to build those small pieces of behavior into the real-life skills you need to accomplish tasks like going for a walk together with a loose leash, keeping your dog from bolting out the front door, and staying quietly while you watch TV, eat a meal, or work at home.

As the name implies, this carefully structured class accomplishes everything a “basic obedience class” intends to and more.  You’ll learn along with your dog.  We’ll hold you accountable for doing the homework necessary to your success.  We’ll commit to the goals you have for your dog and help you achieve them.

We meet twice a week on Zoom, 30 minutes every Monday and Thursday evening.  Frequent, short classes keep you and your dog engaged and learning quickly!  Training at home keeps your dog focused on the skills we’re teaching, without the multitude of distractions in an in-person venue.  Save the noisy rooms crowded with people and dogs for when your dog has some skills under his belt and is ready for that level of distraction!

We have daily check-ins to support you in doing your homework, and 2 personal coaching calls each week to keep you on a forward path to success in training your dog!

  • Start out right with a new dog or puppy
  • Has your beloved dog “forgotten” a few things?
  • Unwanted behaviors? Train new ones you like!
  • Train at home with our constant support
  • Small class for optimal success: 3-4 students
  • $300 – the 6 weeks that will change your life!

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