Dog Reading


How should you approach a dog?  Just ask him!

Dogs are transparent in their communications about what they need, what they’re ready to do.  If you understand what dogs are “saying” with their body language, you will be able to handle dogs in ways that make them feel calmer and keep yourself safe.

Our DOG READING COURSE is what you need to understand the dogs you love.  Understanding them is the first step toward training them.  Build a great life for dogs and yourself, starting with a full understanding of how they operate and how they let you know what they are feeling.



What is your dog telling you?

Are your dogs playing together happily or about to get in a fight?

Is your dog a little shy?  How can you help him be more confident?

When you play with your dog, is he making playful noises or growling?

How do you know when your new dog is “settling in”?

What does your dog look like when he’s calm?  When he’s upset?

Dog Reading Course for Professionals

Our DOG READING COURSE was originally developed as part of a training program for the animal care staff at a large, municipal open-intake shelter.  It can be challenging to know the first signs of stress and fear, to know whether a dog is threatening you or wanting to play.  Staff who care for shelter animals must understand them and immediately know how to respond so they don’t cause further stress.  Best practices in handling skills are based on reading dogs’ communications and helping them feel secure, reducing the stress of being in a shelter.  Reducing stress helps shelter pets be the best pets they can be and increases adoption and retention rates.  Behavior science offers principles and proven methods for reducing stress; loving dogs is not enough.

Understand Your Own Dog Better

Dogs in loving homes experience stress, too.  Dogs who are fearful are stressed.  Dogs unsure about interactions with other pets in the home are stressed.  Dogs who don’t know how to interact with human visitors may be stressed.  How can you know?  How can you help your dogs?

Our DOG READING COURSE will help you understand what your dog is telling you and what to do about it.  Proper ways to handle dogs to help them relax are not always intuitive.  Learn how to approach your dog so he feels confident, how to help him relax in the face of a new experience; how to know when what you’re doing is helping and when it’s not.

DOG READING is the first course in shelter staff training.  It has been used by rescue groups to help foster homes learn to read dogs’ communications and understand their stress/anxiety levels.  And now it’s available to pet owners!  Understanding your dog is the first step in training.

  • Understand what dogs are “saying”!
  • Their body language tells you what they need from you
  • Expert advice on best handling practices
  • Essential for shelter and vet clinic pros
  • Critical for rescue group volunteers
  • Great for pet owners, too!
  • Includes downloadable handouts for future reference
  • $30 – online class at your convenience

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